Dear Friends,

Pan Vision created, for the first time in Greece, a unique research tool that facilitates access to any data concerning Tourist information not only for Tourist professionals but also for anyone wishing to travel to Greece.Faithful to our appointment, here we are to present our new WEB BASED edition of "Greek Tourist Organizer", renewed and enriched with more data and possibilities.This edition contains over 7.400 hotels and accommodation all over Greece, most of the time illustrated by pictures,as well as many research means and detailed maps that will help you find the accommodation of yourchoice in a friendly and pleasant environment even if you are not familiar with PC use.In this edition's add-ons, you will find the list of all travel agencies in Greece, tourist guides, coach, cruises, airtaxi and limousines for hire companies, museums, casinos, famous restarants receiving groups and many other information about air and shipping companies, embassies and consulates in Greece....



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