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The Acropolis Museum is one of the most important museums in the world. It houses masterpieces of the ancient Greek civilization, dedicated to the most important of the Athenian sanctuaries, the "temenos" of Athena Parthenos. Preparations for the erection of the New Acropolis Museum have already begun.Many of the unique works of art that ornamented the Acropolis have been stolen and transferred abroad.
The worst plundering of the monuments took place in the beginning of the 19th century by Lord Elgin. The museum contains only the stone sculptures from the monuments of the Acropolis and from the excavations on the site. Since the beginning of the excavations, the vases and the bronzes have been kept in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, while the inscriptions are housed in the Epigraphical Museum.

The collections of the museum include:

- Sculptural offerings of the Archaic period
- Pediments of temples dated to the Archaic period
- Archaic Horsemen
- Sculptures of the "Severe" style
- Pediments and metopes from the Parthenon
- The Parthenon frieze
- The Erechtheion frieze
- Parapets of the Athena Nike temple
- Frieze of the Athena Nike temple
- The Caryatids
- Clay figurines and vases from the sanctuary of the Nymphs.


Visiting museums in Greece you can admire flourishing Greek art during a five-thousand-years history. Neo-lithic, Minoan, Mycenean, classical, Hellenistic, Byzantine, as well as modern pieces of art, are exhibited in more than 240 state or state-controlled museums, including galleries, or folklore museums.
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Hours: Unless otherwise indicated, all state museums are closed on Monday. Opening hours are also subject to change, so, you are advised to check the hours by phone, just to make sure they are still applicable.
Public Holidays: Museums and archaeological sites are closed on the following public holidays: 25th December, 26th December, New Year's Day, Good Friday (closed until 12:00 a.m.), Easter Day, May 1st and Independence Day (March 25th). For other holidays, call the museum you intend to visit to check.

Cameras: Taking pictures is generally allowed, as is the use of a video camera, provided that you do not use a tripod or flash light. But check with the museum first as there might be an extra charge and/or a special permission may be required.


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